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Just point and shoot. That has been the rallying cry of camera companies as they try to entice consumers into buying their wide array of photography products. They want to make it easy for the end user. Although there have been great technological strides made with the development of digital cameras it still takes a keen eye and some skill to capture that perfect picture.

Whether you’re merely in charge of the family photos or are considering photography as a career there are some basic elements you should learn about taking the perfect picture. Two key words to keep in mind when taking any picture are color and light.

Light plays an important role in how much detail you’ll be able to capture in your subject. The more light, the more detail you’ll be able to see. If you are working with a digital camera you should be able to make adjustments on exposure depending on the situation. Most cameras will come with a built in flash that will automatically “flash” when needed. You can also set your camera for daylight vs. night time exposure. All of this means familiarizing yourself with how your camera works. Since it is digital, there is nothing wrong with taking some experimental photos to see how your camera operates. Shoot the same shot with different exposures to see which one works the best for your goals.

When it comes to color, here is where you’ll really get to create that perfect picture. However, quite often this happens after the picture has been taken. There are many computer programs available for you to manipulate and change the color of any photo you’ve taken. One of the most popular is Adobe Photoshop. Using these types of programs will allow you to change a color photograph to stark black and white. You can also add shading or brighten up the colors of your subject.

This is the same kind of process that professional photographers have been using for years. The difference is that on film you manipulate the colors with a chemical developing process whereas with digital photography you’re just a couple of mouse clicks away from a perfect picture.



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